Bright pink summer wedding bouquet with peonies
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I'm writing this late at night and, in my world, late at night translates most often to one of two things: verging on cranky, or waxing sentimental.

I'm not sure if this is, in the end, in your favor, but tonight I'm definitely swinging towards the sentimental end of the spectrum. I tend to be a romantic anyway, and certain hours and certain occurrences tend to send my romantic sensibilities into overload.

Like finding a note from my fiancé taped to my door (where there's no way I'll miss it) at the end of a long day of work even when I know that note-writing is not his love language and especially since he put the entire letter in list format.

Or getting a good-morning text when I know that he's already been at work for an hour and it might be killing him that I'm just waking up but he's still cheerfully hoping that I have a good day, even after two years of good-morning texts.

Or watching him warm up for his first slow-pitch softball game of the season and getting that warm/fuzzy that's my man and he's better than all the other ones at softball and everything else too feeling. And remembering how I felt that same thing almost three years ago, hardly hoping that he and I could really learn to fit like this.

Or sitting next to the wedding-ready Mickey Mouse ears that my cousins brought home from a recent Disney World adventure and glancing over at them again and again just to see our names stitched together on the back.

See? It's possible that my computer should be taken from me when the sun sets, that I should be forbidden to hold a pen to paper past eight o'clock because more often than not the filter that keeps these thoughts from spilling into the public sphere is going to split and they're all going to come darting out. But sometimes it's a little bit fun to take a step back from everything, even from the chaotically joyful and emotionally charged task of planning our wedding and just think about the fact that in less than one hundred days, I am marrying my best friend. Because sometimes I get caught up in which florists I've contacted and what type of cake we want and forget that part.

And so, before I roll myself to bed, I wanted to say that I hope, in the hustle and rush of your lives, and in the busy-ness of your planning process, you get the chance to find a few of those moments too.