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I think I say this on a near-weekly basis: A gift registry is not going to change who you are.  If the most complicated dish you've ever cooked came out of a box marked "Stouffer's", a shiny-new KitchenAid isn't going to magically turn you into Jamie Oliver.  If your favorite thing in the world is quietly cozying up on the couch with your honey and a bottle of wine, a cocktail shaker is not going to transform you into the life of the party and the hostess with the mostess. The same follows for your style. That ring on your finger isn't going to change your love of bright colors and global influences into a loyalty to all things sleek and gray.  Registries should reflect who you both are, what you love, and how you live. Let us help you find the style (and the all-important corresponding products) that fits you best!


You're pretty casual, and would prefer jeans to just about anything.  It's important that your home be comfortable and welcoming. You find yourself drawn to warm earth tones, natural elements, and quality materials.


Classical Minimalist

When you go out, a hair is rarely out of place. Your house looks the same whether or not you are expecting company.  For you, clean and sleek allows you to de-stress from the clutter and chaos of the world. Although you can appreciate a pop of color, you prefer neutrals to dominate your decor.


Your decor is as varied and fun as a night out on the town!  You change up everything from a room's layout to color palette as often as you can. Your home is a reflection of your positive attitude and easygoing spirit. From Spanish tile to 1950s dishes, your home has it all!



You like making a strong impression (I suspect that you have more than one tubes of red lipstick). Your home is no different. The decor you favor features bold colors and unique combinations of materials and patterns.



If it ain't broke, why fix it?  Home is where the heart is, and you like a classic backdrop. Your decor isn't about making a dramatic style statement so much as about creating a warm and functional environment to enjoy with friends and family.

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