Not to make any blatant stereotypes (but I guess I am going to anyway...), but guys don't love the registry process as much as us gals. For us it marries our love of shopping with our love of planning, and we don't even have to pay for it! We know that the men in our lives probably don't care what type of pattern is on the flatware, but we want them to come along for the ride anyway. Here are a few ways to turn registering into a fun date night:

Take turns with the scanner.

Really, ladies, don't hog it! Who wants to watch someone else get all of that beeping fun? Make a deal ahead of time that you get scanner power over bedding and bath and he gets to go wild in the games and sporting goods section. By the way, straying from the basics is fun for both of you. If you are registering at a store like Target, don't forget to include board games, movies, and tools. If you are registering in a department store, add things like sunglasses, his and her running shoes, and swimsuits for your honeymoon. These types of items will not only keep your gift shopping guests more interested, but also your man.

Let your guy pick a second registry.

Maybe you hit up the mainstream list, and he heads somewhere for a smaller boutique registry that celebrates your hobbies and interests. For a fun surprise, don't share or look at each other's lists. Meet for dinner afterwards and talk about anything but registering. Really. It's over now.

Reward yourselves.

Chances are you are making wedding "sacrifices" somewhere, whether it be hitting the gym and passing up the french fries, or meticulously watching every cent you spend. After you register, take the night off and give yourself a treat.

Game night?

For the couple that doesn't mind some super cheesy fun, have a friend help you turn it into a game like a scavenger hunt. The one who can successfully find the most items based on the hints given, wins! And whether that person gets to pick where you stop for dessert or what color towels you register for is up to you.

Photo Credit: Katie Markquart Photography


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