The debate over whether or not to invite children can be a difficult one, especially if a large number of your potential guests have children. Many factors can play into your decision, such as the level of formality at your event, the mood you wish to maintain, and even your relationship with your friends' children. In these situations, it is generally best to make an overarching rule, rather than a case by case basis. It is likely that some people may be offended, and often knowing that it is not their children, but all children, does help to assuage their irritation. Of course, you are free to set a general age limit. Perhaps, you invite all children thirteen and older. If you do decide to not invite children, do not print this anywhere on the invitation. Rather, address the invitation to the appropriate parties. If they do not decide to RSVP appropriately, that is their issue, not yours. At that point, a family member hosting the wedding, can call them and let them know.