DIY chair cover supplies, including scissors, ribbon and various fabrics.

If you are a crafty Maharani with a few hours to spare, you can bring a little pop of glamour to any ordinary chair. This idea isn’t just for the bride & groom…it  can be used for a special seat at an engagement or anniversary party, and definitely an awesome touch for a bridal or baby shower.

The ladies from Partyland Flowers & Events stopped by to show us how to take a vintage sari and turn it into a beautiful chair cover.

Step 1: Collect Necessary Things

1) A REALLY sharp pair of scissors

2) Needle and thread or a sewing machine

3) Ribbon, bling or borders

4) Accessories to decorate the chaircover

5) Vintage saris or any fabric of your choice. I even saw one bride use her mom’s wedding dress. How cute is that?!

DIY supplies, including a pair of sharp scissors and decorative fabric.

Step 2: Measure the Chivari Chair in order to create a precise size.

1)    Measure from top to bottom; which will be the back of the chair cover

2)    Measure only the top  portion; which will be the fold over of the chair cover

3)    And, measure the greatest width; which will be the width of the entire chair cover

Measurements of the wedding chair cover, including height and width.

Step 3: Cut the fabric and sew.

1)    Cut the fabric according to the dimensions you took of the chair

2)    Make sure you create a fold for the front top of the chair in order to cover both the back and the front of the chair

3)    Start sewing the chair cover into shape

The wedding chair fully covered in the decorative fabric.

Extra Credit: Add borders & bling to your liking!

Viola!  A throne fit for a Maharani!

The wedding chair covered in the decorative fabric with a few added touches of bling.

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