Tri-State Wedding by Ashley Caroline - mywedding magazine
Photo: Ashley Caroline

1. Mending kit with coordinating threads and bobby pins-- Create your own mending kit that fits your dress and your bridesmaid dresses. Make sure you have thread that will disappear into the dress.

2. Fashion tape-- A lifesaver for bridesmaids and brides in strapless dresses. Sometimes you just need a little extra sticky to keep that dress where it belongs. Plus, these can "fix" hems in a hurry!

3. Shoe strips-- Stock up on these blister prevention strips, and your bridesmaids will love you even more than they already do!

4. Stain removing stick-- Of course, stains happen at the most inopportune times.

5. Ibuprofen-- Maybe your bridesmaids partied a little too hard last night, maybe your mom won't stop offering her "help" with your hair. Either way, stop that headache as quickly as possible.

6. Tampons-- Unexpected periods are the best aren't they?  And the more women in your bridal party, the more you are running a statistical risk of a surprise "visitor."

7. Altoids-- I am in love with Altoids Smalls. They pack a minty punch and they are in a tiny little tin.

8. Dental floss-- Because your maid of honor wasn't thinking when she purchased lemon poppyseed muffins for the bridal party.

9. Clear Band-Aids-- Between razor mishaps and folding the last 20 cranes, situations that require a bandage abound.

10. Bobby pins-- "I brought too many bobby pins," said no bride ever.

11. Burn cream-- Flat irons + nerves = burns.  My kitchen is always stocked with burn cream. It takes away the pain and a lot of the red in a relatively short amount of time.

12. Allergy meds-- Especially if your wedding is outside, bring along a bottle of antihistamine to give to sneezy bridesmaids.

13. Kleenex-- For those sneezy bridesmaids and sentimental relatives alike.

14. Liquid bronzer-- Oops, tan lines!  What might not seem like such a dramatic line in a t-shirt, shows up way more in a strapless dress. Use a little liquid bronzer and blend. Just make sure to let it dry (and set it with a translucent powder) before you get dressed.

15. Eye makeup remover-- We've all taken a mascara wand to the eyeball. Instant mess. Be prepared.

16. Q-Tips-- They are just plain handy. From fixing manicures to blending eyeliner, they are the best.

17. Tweezers-- We've all seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, yes?

18. Kind Bar-- As a bride, the chances you will be able to really eat any of your delicious food is pretty low. Stay upbeat and energized with a little hit of protein.

19. Nail file-- This is a no-brainer, but it seems like we are always without one.

20. Your stress reliever-- Everyone has their go-to stress reliever. For me, it's 80s easy listening and a coloring book (no judgement, this is a safe space!), for you it might be aromatherapy and a cup of tea.  Whatever calms you, bring it.

Now that you've got your day-of emergency prep kit, keep these beauty tips in mind for your big day.