Bride in a lace wedding dress and groom in a light blue suit
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Over the Memorial Day weekend, my family (Mom, Dad, brother, brother's friend, and fiancé) loaded up the car and took the nine-hour drive to Lincoln, Nebraska for a close family friend's wedding. The bride, Brooke, who is a friend of mine, has spent the past year and a half planning long-distance from Colorado Springs for her hometown nuptials, and I can honestly say I don't think I've ever been so excited for a wedding in my life.

The anticipation started about three weeks before the day, when it finally clicked that she was actually, truly, getting married and ramped up in intensity to the week beforehand, when I narrowly resisted the urge to jump up and down each time I saw her.

The wedding itself was a whirlwind. I can only imagine what it felt like for her and her fiancé (now husband!) as they walked down the aisle after over a year of build-up and careful planning, made their vows, had their first dance, their cake, and were toasted and celebrated on their way out the door, all in what felt like a mere handful of moments.

It's possible that I've never been so concentrated on the details and timing of a wedding before what with my own now just a month and half (so much to do!) away, but I actually looked at my fiancé about two bites into dinner and realized that if I was actually going to enjoy how perfect their day was, I needed to stop analyzing every little movement and escort card and enjoy the merriment going on around me.

It was a good lesson, I think, for our own upcoming day. That it is coming up fast and going to happen even faster, that I need to remind myself (or hope my fiancé reminds me) to stop for a minute and to just soak it in instead of letting myself be constantly pushed forward by the momentum of the whole thing.

It also reminded me that, although the details are certainly what I focus on, and that they are important, they are not what this is about. And, honestly, they probably won't be what everyone remembers. For example, Brooke had a hand-written sign over by the bar inviting guests to enjoy a selection of wine and soft drinks, and though I've tried and tried to recall the exact wording to use as an example, I can't. I don't even remember what the thing looked like. I do, however, remember the welcoming feel it (and dozens of other small things that I can't put my finger on) gave the guests. And I certainly remember how content the couple was during their first dance and how they laughed over not knowing which way to cut the cake.

And I'll remember, because for now I think I've learned this lesson, how quickly time passes whether it is a day, or a five-month long engagement. And, though it doesn't seem like it right now, with several more weddings in between this past weekend and my own, summer is going to fly past and before I know it, I'll be married and trying desperately to remember the details of my own celebration. So here's to enjoying it all as it comes!

Happy wedding season!