Finding the perfect wedding present is hard. And sometimes they don't have a registry to guide you, or Aunt Thelma and Co. got to it first, and all that is left is one really sad gravy boat. Etsy can be a great place to find cool, original gifts that suit the couple's interests and personalities perfectly. Take this bread and oil plate (above). It's gorgeous and perfect for the foodies in your life. Or just people who like bread. And if you are friends with people who don't like bread, I would suggest reconsidering that relationship. Seriously. Because that is just not right.


Introverted friends who love a game or movie night? Buy them a little basket of treats like these Scrabble coasters, some fun mugs, and hot cocoa.


I'm partial to quilts. Especially if you can make them yourself. But chances are that you do not have the time or resources to Martha Stewart them up a blanket. Quilters on Etsy can often personalize the quilts for you--incorporating the couple's favorite colors or style into the project. And, these things pretty much last forever.


We all have at least one of those friends. The ones that frequently quote Sci-fi movies and go to Comicon and talk about Wil Wheaton a lot. This Etsy shop makes all kinds of prints sure to satisfy any couple's inner geek. And they even make ones for the rest of us. You know, the ones who have no idea who exactly Klingons are...


For the couple with a bad case of wanderlust, Etsy has so many terrific options for vintage travel gear such as this suitcase. Just for fun, throw in a few maps, travel guides, bags of peanuts, and gum.

So, let's review: Cool presents can be found on Etsy, and don't be friends with people who skip the bread. Have a great weekend!