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The big day has arrived. While the weeks before your wedding may feel a little extra chaotic with last-minute plans and wedding guests beginning to trickle into town, there's no reason to let wedding day crunch time leave you feeling overwhelmed. We're sure you have every wedding detail completely under control! However, if you know you'll feel better crossing every last item off your wedding planning to-do list, here's a few to add. That's right, we've compiled a list of everything you need to do right before your wedding. Don't worry, these essentials won't take long, but they will give you that dose of reassurance you're craving before you head down the aisle.


Double-Check Your Wedding Website

No, you probably won't be making any last-minute changes to your wedding party, the story of how you met, or your RSVP settings at this point. But it is a good idea to take one more look at your wedding website to confirm one important thing: that the directions to your venue and your guest information sections are completely up to date. Guests will appreciate the extra attention to detail—and the reminder of what time the ceremony starts!

Touch Base with Your Wedding Party

You'll certainly see your wedding party at the rehearsal, and can share any timeline changes or extra information then, but it can also be helpful to check in with bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as the parents of flower girls or ring bearers, ahead of time, too. Confirm the time and location of any events at which your wedding party should or must be present. Want to be extra proactive? Put together a list of the wedding party's weekend agenda, including arrival times for the big day, and email it out a few days (or even a week) in advance.

Confirm Your Honeymoon Details

The last thing you want to interrupt your post-wedding bliss is a travel agenda gone wrong. Avoid any honeymoon snafus by taking some time in the days before your wedding to not only confirm your travel details and reservations, but also make sure you're completely prepped for the trip. Have essentials like passports, other forms of identification, reservation information, and your honeymoon packing list all set out before the wedding day so you can grab them and go after the big event.

Take a Look at Your Registry

While you won't be doing any major wedding registry overhauls the day before your wedding, it's a good idea to take one last look at your wish list and make sure there are still a couple gift options out there. It can also be important to take another glance at your registry before you head off to your honeymoon destination, especially if you went a more non-traditional route and opted to set up a honeymoon registry.

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Photo: Charla Storey

Run Through Your Checklist

The most reassuring way to prepare for your wedding? Run through that wedding checklist one last time. You'll be able to cross off any final details (the rehearsal dinner, for one!) and remind yourself that you have this whole thing completely under control. Plus, if you do come across something that hasn't already been checked off, you'll have time to decide whether or not it's still something you want to include, and pass the project off to a vendor or your wedding planner.

Relax and Get Ready

This may be the most important item on this entire last-minute wedding checklist. While your wedding and the days leading up to it will likely be filled with family, friends, and all kinds of activities, it's equally vital you set aside some time to simply relax and enjoy the whole process. Book that manicure, sneak away for some alone time with your soon-to-be spouse, schedule some extra downtime the morning of your wedding. Take the time to soak it all up!

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