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I'm engaged! Hooray! However, I've transitioned from glee to anxiety because I'm completely paranoid that I'm going to forget an important detail during my wedding planning. What advice would you give to help me make sure everything is perfect?- Marci, Austin, TX

First of all, no matter what event you are planning, it is never going to be "perfect." The important thing to remember is that on your wedding day, you aren't going to care if the flower girl's sash is the wrong color or if the DJ insists on playing "Butterfly Kisses," despite your repeated requests not to. These otherwise nagging annoyances will ultimately fade into the background because you are getting married; joy covers all manner of sins.

However, it is prudent for you to try and avoid as many of these glitches as possible. Here is a top 5 list of things to remember, contributed by some of mywedding.com's favorite wedding planners:

  1. Plan for the details. "An itemized budget should be set before hiring any vendors...you need to budget properly for all expenses," says Cindy Zingerella of Engaging Events. Often, couples just don't remember all the seemingly small expenses, and "those little details can pack a heavy financial punch when added up," remarked Dawn Schenkel of Premier W.E.D.
  2. Remember the wedding. Janet Dunnington mused that couples are often so focused on celebrating with their friends and family at a fun reception, that the details of the actual ceremony are the last thing to be planned.
  3. Plan well, but be adaptable. Whether it be a sudden storm or twenty unexpected guests, couples need to plan as much as possible for any situation. Try to make your guest list early in the planning and be honest with yourselves about how many people might eventually be added to it, advises Joannie Liss of Joannie Liss Events. Liss adds that if you really want to get married outdoors, it is absolutely essential to have a back-up plan in case the weather conspires against you.
  4. It takes a village. "The foundation to a successful wedding is for couples to have their own support team,– says Katy Castillo. Trusted friends and advisors are critical to not only a beautiful event, but also just maintaining your sanity.
  5. It's just a day. Granted, it's "just a day" you have been dreaming about since your Malibu Barbie first married your brother's GI Joe, but still, it's no reason to lose sight of why you are having the party in the first place. Meagan Kochendorfer of Ambiance Wedding Consulting states, "A couple should remember to keep it all in perspective and remember what is most important about their wedding day: the joining of themselves in marriage."