I was recently having a conversation with a friend who was dead set against the idea of including balloons as a part of any wedding decor. She thought them to be much more "seven year old" than "sophisticated". But, I would beg to differ with the finery being offered up by Los Angeles-based Geronimo!

In the hands of Geronimofounder, Jihan Zencirli, the idea of basic balloons gets completely pin-popped as she bedecks these enormous orbs with paper adornments, ribbon, millinery, and hand cut paper "fancy". Each order is completely custom and is sure to add not only wit and whimsy to a wedding but, dare I say it, even a festive level of sophistication.


These artistic balloon constructions would make for fun additions to engagement or wedding photos, or an over-the-top prop for a photo booth that would definitely help bring the kid out in everyone. Of course, the kid they'd help bring out would be a very sophisticated seven year old.