Although many couples generally select their officiant depending upon what religious services they attend, others face the daunting prospect of finding a virtual stranger to play such an integral role on their wedding day. Here are a few tips of things to look for when searching for an officiant:

  1. Look over their websites. Many officiant sites provide helpful links and testimonials. Some officiants are starting to not only include sample videos of ceremonies, but also links to other practical information, like how to apply for a marriage license or name change. For those officiants that also emphasize or conduct premarital counseling, they can also have online links to communication exercises.
  2. When you meet your potential officiants, don't rush through the conversation. In a recent mywedding.com poll, users overwhelmingly cited the importance of an officiant's ability to make them feel comfortable through humor and a good rapport. Weddings can often be filled with unpredictable moments; you need to find someone who is highly adaptable to any situation.
  3. Above all, if you can avoid it, don't settleĀ for an officiant. If you don't feel at ease around them, or strongly disagree on philosophical or religious issues, keep looking. Your ceremony should be tailored to what the two of you believe is significant.