Some people love planning each and every detail of their wedding. Others, not so much. If you are one of the latter, you have probably started wedding planner shopping. But how to choose? Here are some ways to figure out just the right planner for you:

Full package or day of? Wedding planners often have different levels of planning available to you. A full package generally means that you make some key choices, but other than that you can pretty much just show up. A day of planner is perfect for those who have planned everything out but don't want to be hassled with the nuts and bolts (giving checks to vendors, making sure the flowers arrived, etc.) on their wedding day.

Recommendations are important! Talk to friends and see who they used and if they recommend them. Questions to ask: Did they enjoy working with them? Was the planner easy to get a hold of and communicate with? Did your wedding turn out as you thought it would (or better)? Did the planner respect your choices?

Have an introductory meeting. Make sure your personalities mesh. This person is planning your wedding. You need to like them.

Do they respect your vision? Not every wedding is an elegant vintage affair. If you tell her you want a Halloween wedding with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, and the planner replies with recommendations for summery peony arrangements, look elsewhere.

Find out about the details. Does this wedding planner only use a specific set of vendors? If so, do you like their work? If not, what is their vendor network like? One of the advantages to hiring a wedding planner is getting the inside track on the best wedding professionals.

Trust your gut. Even if this wedding planner has her own TV show and media empire, it only really matters if you trust her to plan the wedding you have envisioned.


Photo credit: Ian Andrew Photography