Of course, it is every bride's nightmare to pop in her wedding video and get nothing but blurred guests and muffled sound. But, relax! Finding a talented videographer is just like hiring any other wedding professional. Here are the basic questions to ask:

Can I see examples of your work? This is going to show you everything from their technical skills to their cinematic style. When you are viewing the video, make notes about things you like and things you don't. How are the transitions? Do you enjoy the style of the edited product? Is the videographer capturing the scenes you would want to have?

How much will shooting effect the event? If your videographer is planning on having extra shooters, lots of equipment, or extra lighting, your reception could turn from a posh event into a movie set. Get an idea of how much their process needs to be considered for your particular reception.

What is your editing process? Videographers spend the bulk of their time in editing. Ask how they make their "cuts" and what timeline is reasonable. Yes, you do want to watch your video sometime before your 50th wedding anniversary.

How did you handle a worst-case scenario? Knowing how a videographer handled a tough situation thrown at them will help you see their level of adaptability and creativity. Problems arise at weddings all the time. Having a group of wedding professionals that can easily manage those problems makes all the difference.


Photo Credit: Anna Jaye Photography