Before our wedding, just about everyone I met told me same thing - your wedding day is going to absolutely zip by. And, dear readers, truer words have never been spoken. If you're anything like me, your wedding day is the fastest day of your life; there is so much that goes on that you don't see or only hear about later or, in my case, don't remember (I was pretty sure I'd said my vows, but wouldn't have bet the house on it).

Weddeos, a new video service, aims to remedy that. They send you five mini HD cameras that you then pass out to guests to get their unique perspective on your wedding day. Once it's all over, you send the cameras back and Weddeos award-winning editors put together your totally unique wedding video so you can catch all the little moments (like the kid who hid in the hotel drawers).

They even designate one of the cameras a "Honeymoon camera" so you can tie up all your memories in one, neat video. Casey and Kelly, for example, decided to do one Weddeo of just their reception and honeymoon because they had so much footage.

It seems like, yet another, great way to see your wedding from a different point of view.