Gift registries are a tricky balance.  You want to make sure that your gift registry is easy, respectful, and well-organized. Here are a few helpful tips:

Register for a wide variety of items.

Don't be afraid to break out of the towels and linens box.  Register for items that not only reflect what your home will need, but also what your hobbies and interests are.  So, along with those washcloths and napkin rings, make sure to include a couple of your favorite movies on DVD or the latest Wii game you've been dying to play.

Keep prices in mind.

You need to make sure that your registry ALWAYS has a price point available for everyone. Check in regularly with your registry, and if the lowest price items are already fulfilled, add a few more.

Don't over-register.

There is no limit to how much or how many places a couple can register, but let's be reasonable, okay?  Your guests will not appreciate your 20 page registry printing out at the department store kiosk.  Also, having 8 separate registries can leave guests more confused than anything else.  Pick places to register that are easy to shop online or are located near the majority of the guests.

You don't need to register for gift cards.

Yes, many people consider it perfectly acceptable, but avoid any possible offense and leave certificates off the registry.  If a guest can't decide what to get you, they can figure out for themselves that a gift card would make sense, without your prompting.


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