funny Mother's Day card

Whether it's Mother's Day or you just need to show some extra love, we've rounded up a collection of fun gifts for mom (both yours and his, because soon you'll be gift shopping for both, didn't you know?).  And of course, moms aren't cookie cutters; they have a wide range of interests, hobbies, and personalities.  We think you will find something perfect for your mom, whether she prefers to climb a mountain or step into a bubble bath.

rustic bath caddy

Yep. Baths are pretty awesome.  And they are exponentially more awesome with luxurious accessories. Buy your mom a rustic bath caddy to hold her wine and mystery novel in style, or a scented candle to whisk her away to relaxation after a particularly trying day at the office.

lemon scented soy candle
campstove and phone charger

Does your mom love camping? Does she seem her happiest with a 50 lb backpack strapped to her with nothing but forest trails ahead?   She will love this wood-burning camp stove than has a pretty incredible bonus: a phone charger.

Or just celebrate her love of the outdoors with a modern print, such as this map of our national parks (below).  In fact, this is so cool that you don't need to know how to pitch a tent to appreciate it.

national parks print

If your mom loves fresh air, but prefers it from the safety and comfort of her own backyard, give her some garden tools to help her yard chores be just a little more fun.

copper gardening tools
needlework set

My mom loves herself some DIY craft projects, and this crewel kit would be right up her alley.  DIY kits such as this lip balm set (below) are also perfect for an afternoon spent together.  And after all, isn't quality time the best gift of all (it's not, btw. They just say that. They want an actual present.)?

DIY lip balm kit

Sometimes it's nice to get a little ridiculous luxury that you would never purchase for yourself.  Tiffany playing cards? Who knew they even existed?  And while they will probably be the most expensive set of cards you will ever buy, your mom will feel so awfully chic whenever the ladies come over to play Gin.

Tiffany playing cards

Does she have an eye for great design?  These modern kitchen jars (below) are pretty much perfect.  Plus, they come in a variety of trendy, but color-palette friendly shades.

pale kitchen jars
half full half empty glass

For the mom with a never-ending supply of advice and humor, I give you the half-full/half-empty glass.  And yes, your mom can make everything okay. Especially when there is a slice of her famous chocolate cake on this plate (below).

everything okay plate

Credits:  Card//Bath Caddy//Candle//Charger Stove//Parks Print//Garden Tools//Crewel Kit//DIY Lip Balm//Playing Cards//Jars//Glass//Plate