Print of a couple forming a tree in the shape of a heart, adorned with various images.

The gift, Oh! Studio.

The couple that grows together stays together. We love this beautiful print from Oh! Studio. The great thing is that it is a bespoke artwork the amazing thing about this design is that when you give Oh! Studio 14 personalized elements that are about you/or the couple who you are buying the gift for, the clever people at Oh! Studio will illustrate a gorgeous bespoke tree for you!

The final artwork is produced as a high quality digital print on 300gsm paper, with the unframed piece being 42cm x 30cm. £79/ $125 Paper present perfection!

Miniature pillows of various colors with the word "home" sewn onto them.

The Gift 2. MeMake

How adorable are these little pillows? These lovely miniatures have the word "home" embellished on them and we think that this is a great way of helping the couple to turn that home into a sweet home. And of course if they are too cute for people to sit on, these are perfect for a shelf or mantelpiece instead. These darling pieces are from Me Make £22.00/$35.84 USD each.

Cross stitch sampler kit alongside a hand-crafted pillow made for a couple.

The Gift 3. Granny Knits Cross Stitch Kits

We adore this! Cute, quirky, and unique, this cross stitch sampler comes from Jacqui P, formerly Granny Knits. The cross stitch sampler is part of their award winning cross stitch craft kits. This can be given to the couple as a present that they can make themselves, but if you are feeling crafty yourself, you could always do it for them. This can be purchased through the Jacqui P Website or via Not On the High Street.

Wedding portraits done in a pop art style in four different prints.

The Gift 4. Pop Art Prints from the Bespoke Gift Company

We do like these Andy Warhol pop art inspired prints that we spied at the Bespoke Gift Company. This present is a fun and artistic piece that is truly one of a kind. For this to be created all that you need is a picture of the couple, which is then turned into a bold and unique one of a kind piece that pops! A contemporary present for the contemporary couple for £84.95.

Thanks to Amma at Beyond Beyond for these terrific and unique ideas!