groom and best man with matching velvet pocket squares

Buying gifts for your wedding party can often be a last-minute detail, and because so, is filled with unnecessary stress. Here are a couple of fun ideas for gifts for your groomsmen, as well as answers to your most common questions about how and what to give.

I want to buy something useful (but not boring) for my groomsmen. Any ideas?

Much like the bride and her bridal party, the simplest solution is to buy them accessories to wear at the big event and beyond.  For example, the groom above gifted all of his guys swanky burgundy velvet pocket squares. Pair that with their bow tie and you have a gift they will really love (and use again at future formal events).

You can also buy them other accessories that are less visible, but come in handy for your event. Personalized leather wallets (below) or shaving kits will be something that they can use for years.

personalized brown leather wallets

Does the gift needs to be personalized or monogrammed?

Nope. But some couples like to give gifts that commemorate their wedding. For example, these wooden bottle openers have "I Do Crew" on one side and the couple's name and wedding date on the other.  I do suggest that if you are going to give a gift like this, make sure the item is of high quality. Ultimately, if your bottle opener works great, it's not going to matter if it is personalized--it's getting used all the time.

Usually these personalized gifts are a little extra (but not as much as you might think). If personalization or engraving isn't important to you, you can absolutely skip it.

personalized wooden bottle openers

How much do I have to spend on gifts?

Can I level with you? This question drives me insane. Yes, wedding planning can be a super-expensive process.  And yes, towards the end you are looking for every possible way to say a little moolah (including double and triple checking your couch cushions for spare change). But if you are asking the question about what is the least amount you can spend on this gift and still be a decent friend, you've missed the point altogether.  These loved ones are probably shelling out a fair amount to participate in your day, simply because you've asked them to.  So, although you of course have to be budget conscious, you should also be appropriately appreciative of their time, expense, and efforts.

DIY groomsman gift project with mini bottles of alcohol and glass jar

It seems like everyone gives flasks, so I don't want to do that. However, we do all like to drink. Any suggestions?

If you want something fun and lighthearted, the DIY project for the "minibar jar" above is simple and popular. It will show you how to paint a message on the top of a glass jar that you can purchase from IKEA or somewhere similar. Fill it with a collection of favorite liquors that you can either personalize for each guy, or give everyone the same selection. Either way, it will be a hit!

If you want something more permanent, wooden beer holders have come out of nowhere as a really popular groomsmen gift. With a metal bottle opener on the side, this is the perfect gift for the groomsmen that are also your buddies for fishing and barbeques.

wooden beer bottle holder with bottle opener

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