When you pictured yourself planning your wedding, my guess is it was just that - you decision-making merrily along, envisioning bunting and tulle with maybe the help of a wedding planner and probably the help of your fiancé and definitely your mom in the picture somewhere.

Because planning a wedding typically falls on the bride's shoulders. And I think most of us are okay with that, right ladies? However, there are times and situations which call for something that looks just a little bit different - a willing break with tradition. And honestly, today, I want to know what you think: is it possible to group plan a wedding?

For example, can the bride take on the task of the dessert table while the father-in-law tracks down the tent and the groom looks at caterers, while the bride's mother arranges the centerpieces and her sister-in-law calls all the DJs in the area? Can you truly assign a different task to everyone who is willing to make phone calls and help put together vendor contracts...or do I sound like what I'm actually describing is a dragon with at least 12 heads?

I'm torn myself, you see. Part of me thinks that this is the best idea ever. The bride can explain her vision, make sure that the family (or friends) all understand what she's looking for, and then we all put our hands in the middle, yell "One, two, three, break!" and the wedding is planned in mere days. Okay, maybe a week or two. It's collaboration at its finest. You, as the bride, can let all the people who truly want to help and support you do exactly that, and the pressure of making all the specific, tiny decisions is lifted from your back.

But what if your mom, who you know prefers the floor-length bridesmaid dress with the sweetheart neckline to the knee-length bridesmaid dress you wanted, puts in the wrong order when she's helping the bridesmaids? Or your fiancé forgets that your grandmother hates tomatoes and allows the caterer talk him into putting pico de gallo on everything? Or...

Anyway, what do you think? Would you rather plan the wedding by yourself, with the help of one or two of your best? Or does this group effort sound like a fantastic idea - you get to essentially direct traffic while your wedding planning minions gather information and pull the pieces together? Are there enough Excel spreadsheets in the world to make this work or is it a real honest-to-goodness disaster-waiting-to-happen?

Photo Credit: Simply Bloom Photography