One of the stickiest guest list dilemmas for an engaged couple is deciding whether or not to invite children. And all of you parents out there know why. Kids change the atmosphere of a party. From dirty diapers to requests for pasta without sauce, children at an event require an additional level of consideration.

If your child wasn't invited to the wedding

First, don't take this personally. Most likely, the couple has decided to have an adults-only affair. Look at it as an opportunity to have a fun night, rather than a slight against your family. Second, don't try to confront your friend or persuade them into inviting your tot. That just makes you look bad. If you really are too offended to attend without your child, then you should skip the wedding, too.

If children are invited, but maybe not ready

Know your kid's limits. If your preschooler can't sit still for more than ten minutes (even during his favorite cartoons), why would you ask him to try and attend a wedding ceremony? That's a recipe for frustration for you both. And I promise, the bride will not be amused if he blocks her entrance by dancing in the aisle. Instead, perhaps hire child care for the ceremony, and then bring him to the reception.

Be prepared

If your child goes to the wedding, explain the ceremony ahead of time and bring plenty of things to occupy little minds quietly. Even receptions can be boring for children, so having extra activities and treats (seriously, can you believe that they aren't serving juice boxes at this event?!) will help make the event more fun for everyone.



Photo Credit: jHenderson Studios