If there is one thing that brings more invitation drama than children, it is the plus one (or lack thereof). Some couples dole out plus ones like candy, others guard them with their lives. Here's everything you need to know about plus ones:

Plus ones are only really expected for spouses, partners sharing the same residence, and those who are engaged. That guy you've been dating for a year? Nope. Doesn't count. The fact that you don't want to go to a wedding alone? Not a reason to beg. And I promise, nowhere in our Constitution does it guarantee single women an additional guest. Although, really, maybe it should.

Do not argue with the couple over the invitation. Just don't. It's rude. It's awkward. And it is totally not worth it. Unless you receive an invitation that somehow implies "and guest" or similar, you did not receive a plus one. If your husband was not on the invitation, call someone else you know in the wedding party or perhaps the bride's mother and inquire.

Do not just "add" in your guest to the RSVP card. Seriously, you aren't sneaking your boyfriend into the school dance. People are going to notice. And it will make for a super awkward phone call between you and the bride later.

Plus ones are usually budget concerns or due to their venue size. The bride and groom have a plan to stick to. And your plus one (or lack thereof) was a part of that process. I'm sure they wish that every guest could bring a date, but it was probably that or cake...and cake always wins. Always. So, give your friends a break, go to their wedding, and enjoy.


Photo Credit: Ever After Visuals