Emerson has got it going on. She's a former New Yorker who moved to a farm where she hangs out with her ducks and chicks (and handsome husband), generally looking fabulous in outfits that are simultaneously cool and quirky. She also makes things, like flowers, jeans, table runners, necklaces, even shoes, for her line EmersonMade.

Fortunately, she has a line specifically for weddings (although a lot of her non-wedding line would be perfect for your big day too). I've gone through and pulled out a few of my faves, but keep checking her site because she adds new items all of the time.

Her Something Blue ring pillow is modern, fun, and looks like it will keep your rings very, very safe. If this version is a bit too vintage-y for your taste, she also sells one in cream that would be perfect for a more classic wedding.

Something Blue ring pillow, featuring a large blue flower, a cream ribbon and of course, the rings.

A great favor gift as well, her EAT Table Linens are hand-stamped and don't require ironing! She also sells a monogrammed version that you could add in to mix it up.

The "EAT" table linens adorning various wedding plates surrounded by drinks and flowers.

How bright and fun would your wedding look if by the end of the night everyone was wearing a popper from theĀ  Bag O' Poppers? They come in a huge variety of colors to match your day...

Popper bag containing numerous small flowers from EmersonMade.

These removable little flowers in her Ballet Dahlia Set would be perfect for an outdoor ceremony (and you could even unclip for a more glamorous night look).

Small, white removable flowers for wedding day shoes to accompany the dress.

I love that her clutches come in a variety of prints. You can give a different one to each bridesmaid for a steamlined look that still matches her personality.

Large, bright summery clutch featuring a bold pattern and bright yellow flower.
Various purses featuring different designs and patterns, all featuring a large yellow flower.