You all know what a huge fan I am of personal, customized gifts, especially for big life events (um, your wedding day perhaps?) as a way to commemorate the day in a meaningful way. There's something about opening up a gift that has thought, care and time invested into it...

Which is probably why I think Vintage Pearl's customized necklaces are so lovely. They're a subtle way to wear your heart on your sleeve (or your chest, in this case), plus they're really pretty, aren't they? And I love that each piece is individually handstamped so no two necklaces are exactly the same, just like your love (sometimes I just can't help it...).

A Flower and a Circle is the first one that caught my eye (and their best-seller). I love the addition of the freshwater pearl to help balance out the names.

A flower and circle shaped hand-stamped necklace adorned with a pearl.

Love the layered look of these too, as well - Dainty Layered Hearts and Eternity Heart.

A heart hand-stamped necklace layered with initials and adorned with a pearl.

If you want even more subtlety, they have a whole line of initial necklaces, including these two - Dainty Initial on a Chain and Initial on a Chain.

Heart and circle shaped hand-stamped necklaces with initials and a pearl attachment.

Heart of Love and Oval of Love

Flat, heart and circle shaped hand-stamped name necklaces adorned with a pearl.
This feels like one of those gifts that you would have for a long time and then pass along ("Your dad gave me this for our first anniversary" sort of thing...), don't you think?