Perhaps you are already an experienced home chef and practically live in the kitchen, or maybe the closest you've ever come to preparing dinner is boiling water for ramen noodles. Either way, building a kitchen registry that makes sense for both of you is not only an important step towards starting your new home, but is also a lot of fun to shop for!

Especially as you are merging your two new lives, meal times can be a great way to spend time together. Countless couples reflect upon their first year of marriage and the memories of disastrous turkeys setting off the smoke detectors and the first perfect lasagna. So, when you are registering at JC Penney, remember to keep in mind all of their terrific options for the kitchen.

The key to keeping weeknight meals from becoming a long and tedious chore is to prepare for the week as much as possible. If you aren't an experienced cook, or just want some new ideas, make sure to also register for a few cookbooks (and unless you want to be eating eggplant parmesan all week, register for cookbooks specializing in two-person recipes). Using a food processor or mini-prep machine and then storing the ingredients in airtight plastic containers is an easy time-saving technique, leaving more time to savor a bottle of wine over dinner. In the mood for pot roast or chili? A crockpot can literally do the cooking for you while you are at work, so that dinner is ready and waiting when the two of you arrive home. On weekday mornings, kitchen appliances like toasters and single-cup coffeemakers can make dashing out the door with breakfast simple and quick.

The more organized the kitchen, the more smoothly your evenings will run, saving previous time for romantic conversations (okay, and it totally keeps you from having petty arguments over where the salad bowls should be). If you are strapped for counter space, consider using a kitchen cart, which you can push against a wall when it isn't in use. Utensil crocks and canisters are ideal for the things you most use in your kitchen, whether that is flour, sugar, or sprinkles. Having your drawers well-stocked with solid kitchen tools such as can openers and spatulas make the MacGyver days of bachelorhood a thing of the past.

On the weekends, savor your meals together by putting in extra effort. In the mornings, skip the errand to the hardware store and make Belgian waffles for each other. Or if you are looking for more variety, use a multi-purpose griddle that can make everything from pancakes to breakfast sandwiches. When baking, nothing is more important than a quality mixer that will last a long time and handle everything from bread dough to cake mixes with ease. Pretty mixing bowls and reliable cookware also help to make kitchen time less work and more fun. And once your day is over, don't forget to celebrate another week of happy marriage by cuddling on the couch and putting your feet up with a blended margarita.


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