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You know that old expression about hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst?  When could that be more true than when you are wedding planning?  It's such a joyous time, but also a pretty big investment. As you write out checks for deposits, more than likely everything will go according to plan. But what if it doesn't? What if those vendors go out of business, leaving you in a lurch and taking your deposit with them?

Wedsafe can help with all of that worry. Their event insurance makes sure that if something does arise, from vendors going out of business to soldiers being recalled from leave early, your money will be protected. This will leave you able to plan your event again without suffering additional costs.

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Available at costs related to your total wedding budget, this insurance can even provide for the silly accidents that might happen along the way, such as a red velvet cake stain on your wedding dress!

No couple wants to be worrying over what might happen at their wedding. But your anxiety aside, and contact Wedsafe.