Wedding season is just around the corner – and whether or not you’re planning a wedding yourself, there’s a good chance that you’ll be dressing up and hitting the dance floor at someone else’s reception too. Navigating the shifting waters of wedding guest fashion can be tricky (should you go formal? Casual? What does semi-formal wedding attire look like, anyway?), which is why we’ve pulled some inspiration from our friends at Modcloth. Here are a few ideas involving something every summer-minded woman is sure to have in her closet: a sundress.


One way to amp up your look is to add an accessory. A statement necklace, cute heels, or fun clutch can be just what you need to pack a little more punch to the sweet, summery feel of a sundress.


Layers are another option – and one that will help you stretch your sundress to spring and even fall weddings as well! Think about adding a cute coat in a fun pastel color, or piling on a cozy cardigan. Bonus: layers are just what you need to stay warm at outdoor and evening receptions.


Don’t be afraid to make a statement. Bright colors and bold patterns are super playful ways to add some extra personality to your outfit.

Feeling like your sundress stash is a little short on supplies? We’re kind of in love with these, to start, but we know there are dresses upon dresses to ooh and ahh over in Modcloth’s collection. Start dreaming and style away!



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