From bbq sliders to crab puffs, it all sounds pretty tasty, right? Finding a caterer for your wedding is all about selecting a reliable vendor who will deliver on the menu you are expecting. But, how to choose? Here are a few helpful tips:

Don't worry about personality. I've mentioned in other posts that you really need to get along with certain vendors, and a caterer really isn't one of them. If when you meet you love their food, but don't immediately want to become besties, that's okay (but of course if your initial introduction leads to a meeting reminiscent of the Hatfields & McCoys, feel free to move along).  You really won't be interacting with this professional much on your wedding day.

They should specialize in what you want. Don't ask someone who specializes in French cuisine to make sushi. There are tons of catering options out there. Find someone who knows (and loves) the menu you want to serve. At your tasting, notice which foods taste great and which ones the chef seems particularly excited about (hint: probably the same ones).

Don't overlook the obvious. Do you just adore the enchiladas at your local Mexican restaurant? Rather than ask a caterer to try and recreate them, first find out if the restaurant does events. It could be that without much searching, you can have the exact food you are looking for.

Reviews are important. Ask around to your recently married friends. Check review sites. You are going to want to know if these people have delivered on what they sold. Cooking for a ton of people is a high-pressure situation that requires a lot of pre-planning. But inevitably, things will go wrong. How did they handle it? Did they have a backup plan? Did guests realize anything was amiss?  You might notice that crab puffs aren't being passed around, but if your friends are too busy munching on mini-quiches, they won't.


Photo Credit: Amelia Soper Photography