wedding party in bright dresses and black tuxedos
Photo: Kate Ignatowski

As you are planning your wedding, chances are you've woken up from more than one nightmare about your wedding day going terribly wrong. But what to do when some of these fears come true IRL? We help you recover from 3 wedding day "emergency" situations.

An Important Vendor Cancels

Very, very rarely a vendor will cancel last minute. Let us take a second to reassure you that vendors understand when they cancel a wedding (without implementing a back-up plan or providing an alternative) that this could be something that kills their business. So, it simply doesn't happen that often. But, if you are in this situation, that is little comfort to you. If your photographer backs out, ask several friends and family members to take pictures. Don't rely on just one person. Will it be the same as having a professional photographer? Nope. But, it's better than nothing, and the key to handling a wedding day snafu is moving through it with grace and humor. If your caterer backs out, run to the nearest deli and make do with whatever they have on hand. Lastly, if your officiant can't make it, ask an extroverted guest with a knack for public speaking to perform the ceremony, and then make it legal later at a courthouse.

A Wedding Party Member Gets Sick

Having our nearest and dearest with us on our wedding day is such a wonderful comfort and honor. But, sometimes bridesmaids and groomsmen get sick. This can be troubling for brides that wanted to have equal numbers on both sides, but it really is fine to have an uneven number in your wedding party. Don't ask someone to step in to the group. If the absent person was supposed to perform a reading, ask a close friend, family member, or usher to read in their place.

It Doesn't Just Rain, It Pours

You thought you wouldn't need a back-up plan for an August wedding at the local park. And then the skies opened up with a thunderclap and a deluge followed. You've got 100 guests, many from out of town, expecting to see you get married. It's time to get creative. The more you laugh at the situation and roll with it, the better the day is going to go. Does someone live nearby that could loan you their home or covered porch for a quickie ceremony? Call local restaurants, coffee shop, or even the library, and see if they can accommodate your group last minute. Essentially, make it work. We should also note that some of our favorite ceremonies have taken place huddled under umbrellas during a downpour, so if you want to have a rainy day ceremony at your original location, that's awesome too. Later, if you need a party do-over, so be it.