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There are a lot of ways to include your furry (or feathered) friend in your ceremony, it's all about finding the right role. These 23 photos will convince you that not only can your pet join the party but that they absolutely NEED to.

Aisle Walker

When it comes to walking down the aisle, you need someone you can trust and love by your side. This adorable dog above really stepped up to walk his owner down the aisle at her winter wedding.

We all know that wedding dress trains can sometimes be a real hassle. Put your pet on dress duty to make sure that everything stays in place and looks extra cute.

Dog Train Emilia Jane
Train 2


For bigger pets, adding them into the decor for a photograph is a great way to get them involved. The horse above blends right into the boho summer wedding of his owners.

If your dogs are the the kind that bark or steal food, consider honoring them at your wedding by including them into your table decor. Pretty black and white photos as table numbers or silhouettes of your childhood pets are a personal and touching way to incorporate your furry friends.

Table Numbers
Table Numbers 2

Ceremony Program

Another way to show your love for your pets is to use them for inspiration on your programs or wedding invitations. The hand-drawn program above is a sentimental way to display your affection.

These cat stamps below will send off your save-the-dates in style. Personalize them with your name and address to make sending out your invites quick and effortless.

Cat Stamps

Best Man

Who's a better best man than man's best friend? This cute pup above in a mini tuxedo will look great standing next to the groom. If your wedding party is already full, consider using them as flower girl and ring bearer assistants. Kids are much more likely to walk down the aisle with a smile if they have a furry friend to help them.

Ring Bearer
Lamb Flower Girl

Sign Bearer

Couples with big dogs can use them as sign holders to announce the arrival of the bride. This works best for outdoor rustic weddings. If you aren't getting married outside, double check with your venue to see if pets are allowed inside.

When I first saw the wedding photo below, I did a double take. Yes, that's a bunny bouquet. And yes, it's adorable. For pets that are too small to roam around your ceremony or wear a sign, carrying them in a purse or basket adorned with your wedding flowers is definitely the way to go.

Bunny Bouquet

Family Photo

These two wedding portraits with pets are priceless. The pup in the middle of the couple above just makes the whole photograph light up with love while the owl photographed with the couple below gives off a vintage and moody style. Including your pets in your wedding photographs will ensure that they will be a part of the memories of your wedding day forever.


Doggie Bag
Puppy Chow

When it comes to the sweet treats and favors at your wedding, give your guests a 'doggie bag' or serve 'puppy chow' to subtly show your love for canines. For a more forthright showcase of your puppy love, serve these cake pops below to your guests as a fun snack.

Dog Cake Pops

Cake Topper

Don't forget the cake! Including your dog on your cake topper is a charming way to cherish your little family. Another cute way to make sure they don't miss out on the fun is to name your signature drink after them or make cute puppy-inspired straws (below, right).

However you choose to include your pet in your ceremony, always remember that things might not always go as planned. Like everything else on your wedding day, just go with the flow and have fun!

Signature Drink

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