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wooden bar cabinet
Photo: West Elm

Stylish Organization

No more shoving your bottles of alcohol into your pantry shelves! This stylish bar cabinet is as chic as it is practical. It will store most of what you register for, and add character to your living or dining room.

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polka dot flutes
Photo: Kate Spade

Trendy Pieces

We recommend registering for classic (and affordable) champagne flutes and wine glasses when you plan on entertaining a lot. It will be easier to replace individual glasses when they break. However, it's a fun idea to also register for trendy pieces and either mix and match or bring them out for special occasions.

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Durable Tools

When it comes to a cocktail shaker, make sure you register for one that is high quality, well-rated, and is the right size. Many cocktail shakers are novelty accessories, and although cute, won't last as long or work as well.

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monogrammed glass growler
Photo: Kohl's

Monogrammed Growler

Do you two love microbrews more than mixed drinks? Hit up your local store's growler station with this cool monogrammed growler.

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simple bar coasters
Photo: Pottery Barn

Handy Coasters

We love these modern gold-rimmed coasters for everyday and holiday use. And because they are made of a resin, rather than coated cardboard, they'll hold up really well.

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classic ice bucket
Photo: Macy's

Convenient Accessories

When the conversation is flowing in the living room, you don't want to break away from the party for ice. Register for an ice bucket to keep on your bar cabinet to refill your cocktail shaker or refresh drinks.

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Modern Mugs

Copper mugs have been all the rage this year due to the popularity of Moscow Mule cocktails. But this modern set in copper, graphite, and gold finishes is by far our favorite.

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mirrored drink tray
Photo: Anthropologie

Hostess with the Mostess

Do your best impression of Carson from Downton Abbey at your next party with this gorgeous mirrored drink tray. When you aren't using it for serving, it's pretty enough to display on your coffee table with a centerpiece or magazines.

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Bar Tools

When it comes to bar tools like strainers, corkscrews, and mesauring devices, you can buy a complete set or purchase them individually. We love wooden muddlers like this one for making mojitos and old-fashioneds. It has a great design, and will scratch your glasses less than those made of metal.

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Extra Storage

A recent study cited that Millennials drink about 40% of all wine produced, meaning that they drink more wine as a generation than Baby Boomers or Gen X. So, we're betting you might have a few spare bottles on hand that won't fit into your main cabinet. Store this bamboo rack in the bottom of a cool closet. Keep these ideas in mind when you're ready to create your wedding registry.