Wedding inspiration board featuring various styles and colors of pinwheels.

Pinwheels are such happy things. Seriously, just try to be in a grumpy mood holding a pinwheel. Impossible. But if you are worried that your wedding might start to look to much like a circus or a child's birthday party if you use pinwheels, here are a few fun ways to incorporate them into your decor. Use them on your invitations to give your guests a hint of all the fun they are going to have, and send them off in boxes, rather than traditional envelopes (because crushed pinwheels are not happy). Instead of flowers, use them to decorate a lawn aisle or make the pinwheels out of interesting paper, such as maps (perhaps to where you are headed on your honeymoon), and use in place of floral arrangements on the guest book table. Pinwheels also make cheery cake toppers, whether you have a traditional wedding cake or cupcakes (bonus points for matching the pinwheels to the cupcake liners). And when in doubt, you can always hang a bunch of brightly colored pinwheels on a piece of linen for a backdrop to your photo booth. Whether you want a wedding absolutely stuffed with whimsy or just a touch here and there, these ideas will work well for your event!


Map pinwheel in a vase

Backdrop o' pinwheels

Pinwheel wedding cake

Pinwheel cupcakes

Pinwheel invitations

Aisle pinwheels