In this economy, many couples are opting for an affordable way to invite as many people as possible to their wedding. One such way they are doing this is creating a stand-by list. Once they receive their early RSVPs, they can reassess their guest list and determine how many people they can send extra invitations to. Although it sounds like the height of practicality, your wedding is not a Yale admissions process, no matter how swanky it might be.

Remember: people talk. Realistically, your guests know each other. People know when their invitation has suspiciously arrived at their doorway, several weeks after everyone else has received theirs. Having a stand-by guest list invites offense. It can look like you are being a gift-grubber (a take no-prisoners attitude towards getting as many gifts as possible, social graces be damned) at the cost of your guests' feelings. Make your guest list and stick to it.

Photo Credit: Ameris Photography