Have you ever had the experience where you're trying to buy shoes to match a dress and you are positive the shoes you have are the right shade of blue, only to get them home and realize that next to the dress your cute navy heels are suddenly an unwearable gray? Worst feeling ever.

And the one place you want to be absolutely positive this doesn't happen is at your wedding. You want to be sure that the yellow your baker is talking about is the same yellow your florist is thinking is the same yellow as your bridesmaid dresses. And since we all know that our memories are not exactly infallible with colors...

The color gurus at Pantone have partnered with Dessy and put together a super-easy, very portable way to make sure all of your vendors are on the same page, color-wise. Their color guide makes it easy for you to choose your wedding colors (ooh, love Fiesta with Peony!) and then communicate them to your vendors using Pantone specific numbers and names. An added bonus: we use their colors here on our site so you can get color inspired even before you make any decisions!

Pantone wedding color guide featuring an array of various colors.

If you're pretty sure you already know which colors you're using and don't need the entire color wheel, Dessy also offers individual Pantone color swatches, which work the same way but come in smaller sets.

Individual Pantone color switches, including blue, pink and cream.