Now I'm basing this solely on the fact that every year I watch my husband, dad, and brother-in-law scurry out to start buying presents on December 23, but I'm thinking there's a chance there are a few guys out there who still need to finish up their shopping. If your fiancé or husband counts among them, feel free to surreptitiously send him a link to this page; we did our best to cover all of your bases!

For the Adorned Lady


If she likes a little bit of bling, these sequin heart shoe clips from will help her rock in the New Year (or just rock her trips to the grocery store). Or if she takes a bit less glitz in her everyday life, Molly M Designs laser-cut bamboo and suede earrings are lightweight, eco-friendly and very pretty (plus, she has a ton of styles to choose from!).

For the Gal Who Likes to Travel


Yep, it's a big bag, but once she starts filling it up with all of her getaway necessities (magazines, pashmina, computer...), I'm betting she'll think it's sized just right. Made to order from genuine Italian leather, you can choose the color combination that will suit her tastes. Or give her the nudge she needs to hit the road again. The Royal We's World Map is hand-drawn and comes with 202 pins so she can chart her path to global domination.

For the Organized Gal


Even if she's a digital maven, there's nothing quite like a pretty calendar to start the New Year off right. And, Hillary Bird's hand-illustrated, at-a-glance version can be cropped to a floral print at the end of the year, letting it live on past 2011. Or help her get totally organized once and for all. Things, the ultimate organizer, lets you prioritize, tag and attach due dates to all of your to-dos; it takes some time to get set-up, but I can tell you from experience, it's worth every second.

For Just About Every Woman


With winter weather just getting started, there's nothing better than a cute coat to re-fire up her wardrobe. Jules Elin's Elin coat is not only organic but features seven different ways (all of them adorable!) to wear it so she can keep them guessing... You can never go wrong with a classic trench; it's one of those staples that never goes out of style and always looks chic (plus, this Nordstom version lets you order online and pick up in store so you can definitely have it by Christmas Day).

For the Beauty Buff


Okay, I put this under "Beauty Buff" but really everyone should own a Clarisonic. I've convinced everyone on our team to get one and let's just say you haven't seen skin this soft, polished and well-maintained since, well, Photoshop. Seriously, it works magic and is addicting! Or if you just need a fun stocking stuffer, Sephora's Color Wand for Lips offers up six mini-glosses in one, so she can mix-and-match, depending on her mood.
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