Just a few decades back - in the era of film - each click of the camera shutter was made with such careful thought and a kind of mindfulness in knowing you only had so many chances...only so many chances to freeze this minute in time and turn it into something you can hold.

Ever felt that exhilarating rush of curiosity that hits you when looking through a box of old photographs? Whether it was just five years ago or forty, a look into the life of someone you love speaks so loudly to a time that was.

Here at Artifact Uprising, we weave this idea into everything we do, driven by the words that define us:  inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible.

We believe it is up to each of us to see our experiences through and ensure these photos live on. How is your legacy recorded? Is it through the 365 book that you are creating to share a glimpse of your life for a full year? Or is it a simple set of prints that you are able to flip through every so often?

For wedding photographer Laura Murray it is scanning old family wedding photos and reprinting them with a modern twist on our Square Print Set.

Signature print wedding photos from Artifact Uprising by Laura Murray

Then the focus turns to the hard question that exists in many of our lives (us included!) — how do I narrow down the hundreds — or thousands — of photos I take each month?

It takes some will power to sift through the multiple clicks of a button or taps on a screen, to find those photos that will be significant when someone, someday will be flipping through the box of your old photos. But ultimately the great images of our life are those that make us feel something.

Artifact Uprising [signature] prints

Artifact Uprising signature print wedding photos by Laura Murray

They aren’t necessarily pixel perfect. They don’t have perfect composition perhaps. But what they do have is emotion. These images make you remember a place, they remind you of the way a person makes you feel. They move you. They bring you back. Our advice is to be ruthless in eliminating the images that don’t move you. Three images that tell the story of your life are so much more powerful than 300. Choose those three – and find ways to make them a part of your story for generations to come.

Artifact Uprising Square Print Set

Artifact Uprising square print set by Laura Murray

To see it in print.

Those photos that have been laying stagnant on your phone, hard drive, or laptop now have an intentional place to live. A place to re-experience them free from the busyness of our bright devices.

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book

Artifact Uprising hardcover photo book by Laura Murray

And then there are photos from the most important day (maybe of all) — your wedding day. Our guess is you have searched up and down for the absolute perfect wedding photographer. That photographer that will capture the sun on your hair at just the right moment, grandpa with a beaming smile during the ceremony, and the big twirl at your first dance. Their perspective has been translated through breathtaking photos that have been edited and presented to you.

Where are they now? Yes, there may be a few up on some sort of social network, but what if future friends or relatives who couldn’t make it to the wedding want to see them all at once?

The book becomes your story. Everyone has a story to tell. Tell on.


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All photos by @lauramurray