Arranging to ride to your wedding in a limo isn't as easy as catching a cab (unless you live in San Francisco, in which case it is exactly as easy...seriously, what's up what that?). We've compiled a list of things to keep in mind as you make your limo arrangements:

Do your research.  Not all car companies are created equal. Look at things like online reviews, rate information, and additional amenities companies may provide. And be sure to ask your recently married friends how their transportation worked out.

Book early. Unless you are getting married on a Tuesday morning in March, you probably need to book as soon as you can. Especially for the summer months, limo companies get reserved fast. And if that company has a stellar reputation, that's even more true--so don't procrastinate on this seemingly minor planning detail.

Think about the head count.  Before you book assess how many cars you will need and all of the different pick up and drop off locations.  As tempting as it is, don't skimp on cars. Give everyone enough room for their bouquets and dresses (regretting that decision for tulle skirts yet?).

Over-provide information.  It is obsessive-compulsive to both email and text all the directions and pick-up times? Nope. That's just good planning.

Don't strand your party. All those bridesmaids and groomsmen that rode in limos on the way to the reception? Yeah, they are going to need a plan for afterwards. Delegate someone to be in charge of wedding party transportation/designated drivers, or spurge on a ride home for them.


Photo Credit: K and K Photography