Chances are, your wedding reception you will feature a photo booth to entertain your guests. You already know all the reasons why a photo booth is a great choice, but often overlooked are the props that will appear in those photo booth pictures.

Groomsmen posing with mustache and eyeglass props in a wedding photo booth.

Why props are important
The purpose of the photo booth is to entertain, but also so that you can get more images of your guests while your photographer focuses their professional lens on the dance floor, the cake cutting, and other important shots. One person standing alone in a photo booth can be just plain awkward. You need to have another element in the picture to act as a seed of creativity.

There will also inevitably be a few guests that are not quite as comfortable in front of a camera, and will avoid your photographer at all costs. They might even avoid the photo booth if not for a few funny pairs of glasses to hide behind. So the props make the uncomfortable...comfortable!

Guests posing with sunglasses in a wedding photo booth.

A few tips
As you look at your prop options, or "proptions", you'll be tempted by all sorts of fun costumes and accessories, but you have to show just a little restraint for the unique needs of the photo booth. Half of your guests will be in formal hair and makeup, so don't go too heavy on hats. Masks that have a band going around the back of the head can also be a hassle to get on and off. Take note of how much of the face is covered by a mask. It could be a really neat mask, but if you can't tell who is behind it, the picture isn't very memorable.

Wedding guest posing with a pair of prop red lips in a photo booth.

Matching props to a theme
Props will not only immerse your guests in your theme but will also help everyone remember how much fun your reception was. Having a "Mad Hatter" party? A hat making party is a great pre-wedding event, and all that hand crafted headwear will serve as some wonderful propage! Even if you don't have a defined theme, you can find a way to tie in some of your event elements with props. Is your reception held at a local flight museum? How about some vintage flight attendant hats or Red Baron goggles!
Tying props in with a color
Another great option is matching the props to your wedding colors. This can yield some fantastic results! Who says your lips on a stick must be pink or red, or that your mustache props have to be brown or black. How about a table full of lime green props to not only make your pictures interesting, but also make for a beautiful prop table!

Wedding guests posing amusingly with a lime green prop umbrella.

Where to get props
Don't be afraid to ask your photo booth rental company what kind of prop package they can put together for you. Anyone can go down to the local Party City, but do you want your wedding photo booth pictures to look the same as everyone else's?
Etsy is a wonderful way to support independent artisans, and often times they will work with you to put together a custom package just for your event. Local vintage shops or costume shops are a good resource as well and sometimes have one-of-a-kind pieces so you know you'll have a unique photo shoot!

Be creative find great unique props, and most of all have fun!

About the Author:
Damien Hutchins is owner of Flicker Stage, a Dallas, TX based photo booth rental company that is leading the movement away from traditional photo booths, towards an open and elegant advanced photo booth experience!