Kimberly from Beet & Yarrow is as sweet as they come. When she’s not busy making gorgeous floral creations, you can find her hanging out with her 3 chickens, reading on her front porch and tending to her own personal garden full of dinner plate dahlias. We got the opportunity to sit down with the Colorado native and learn about why her passion for horticulture and botany makes her so great at what she does.

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Tell us how where you got the name Beet & Yarrow.

When I started, I was getting wedding clients, but I was also gardening and building gardens for people. Both Xeric gardens and veggie gardens. Beet are multi-use and represented the veggie gardens – you can use them for dye and the greens. And then, yarrow is amazing because it’s medicinal, xeric, a native species, ornamental. It’s not my favorite flower but, it represents so many things that I care about.

What is your style?

It can be anywhere from more traditional to more experimental but, always with a twist. Always something weird or unexpected. The clients out there who think they have crazy ideas – I’d be a really great fit. I love new challenges and put a little twist on everything.

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What makes you stand out from other florists?

I think my design can get a bit weird and not everyone does that. I’m willing to experiment creatively and try new things to push the boundaries a little bit. I try to be more than just a designer and really meet people’s needs, budgets and really be a professional about every detail.

Do you have a favorite flower?

My favorite flower changes. I constantly use black scabiosa – I like anything black. It kind of changes week to week.

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Favorite part of a wedding?

I think it’s really satisfying to have someone who has a vision and it’s something that I can get excited about too. We come together, make it work and then they are happy in the end. It is so satisfying. It’s definitely the best part.

Advice for brides and grooms?

If you can afford it, don’t try to do everything yourself. I think I made that mistake.  I tried to DIY everything and no one knew the plan except for me, so it was stressful.

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What inspires you?

I really love horticulture and botany. I’m inspired by botany and all the nerdy science side of things. I am also really inspired by florists in New York right now but then, I always ask myself, how do we make this Colorado.

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