As a photographer who prefers to shoot his weddings solo and loves to ski the Rocky Mountains, Elliot Marsh puts a unique twist on modern wedding photography. We had the opportunity to sit down with Elliot and learn about what makes him such an extraordinary wedding photographer. See what makes him so passionate for his profession and his clients in this exclusive interview.


What makes you stand out as a photographer?

It’s really going above and beyond for the couple. It’s just making sure they have what they want and helping them through the entire process even if it’s not photography related. If they have a wedding planner, hopefully they are going to take care of all this stuff first – if they don’t, I’m there to take away all the stress of the bride on her busy day. For example, you need your dog picked up for the ceremony? I’m there.

What is your favorite part of a wedding to photograph?

I love the getting ready aspect of a wedding - it’s the anticipation and there’s an energy to it. It is a little bit stressful because everyone is under the gun to get ready by a certain time but, it’s also the anticipation of the day. The anticipation of getting married and what’s to come – especially if they’re not going to see each other until the aisle or that first look shot.

The ceremony is my next favorite. It’s all the emotions of the ceremony which leads to great photos. Any part of photography is feeling an emotion – where you see a photo and it makes you laugh or want to cry. You really get that emotion in a photograph.

I love shooting weddings because I love the challenge and the intensity and speed of the day. It’s a day where you feel physically worked and mentally drained at the end - but it’s in the most satisfying way.


What is the first thing you ask a couple who comes to you to photograph their wedding?

The first thing I ask is - why out of everybody you look at, what drew you to my photography? What drew you to me? I want to know if they are there for price, if they love my work, or for some other reason. The initial meeting is to get to know if we’re going to be a good fit for each other. You want someone who appreciates your work.

What inspires you?

Whether it was in the mountains with my camera in 7th grade or on the lake with some friends - I’ve always been inspired by lighting. Beautiful sunlight or beautiful lighting is perfect. My dream photo shoot would be approaching evening with that soft, natural light - that is what makes for some really gorgeous photos. Hair gets back lit, everyone is highlighted – no wind. A nice soft light at the end of the day. Something that brings a warmth to the photo and has a special lighting is the most inspiring.


Any advice for the bride and groom on their wedding day?

There is always a fear in the bride that they have to pay more in order to get great photos. But, I don’t think couples should skimp on their wedding photographer.  At the end of it, the thing you’re going to keep and remember are those photographs. Your photos are forever. There is so much do-it-yourself these days but there is something to be said for high quality beautiful photography and a really nice album at the end. And one of the reasons I’m here is to take the stress off the bride – they don’t have to do everything themselves!

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