A seasoned pro in the world of flowers, Sarah Tedford has been working in floral shops since she was in high school. Starting off slowly, it wasn’t long before other designers started to notice her eye for creativity and started to mentor her. That was just the push that Sarah needed to continue pursuing her hands on training. With a genuinely encouraging group of friends, she opened her own business in 2009 and has more recently dedicated 100% of her pride and passion into designing.  It’s no surprise that believing in yourself is the first step to success and Ladybird Poppy is definitely proof - get the exclusive interview here!


How would you describe your style?

I wanted Lady Bird Poppy to be something that wasn’t obvious and a little more abstract. It’s hard to nail down a specific style but it’s definitely more on the whimsical side. I’m drawn to textures and variety – adding flowers together that you wouldn’t necessarily think go together. The combination of soft and harsh.

Do you have a favorite season or flower?

I always liked the fall a lot.  I like the all the colors of the fall but, I always get super excited when spring comes around. I love peonies and ranunculus and anemones.


What is the most important factor when choosing flowers?

Season matters – recently every one of my brides wants a peony. Not everyone knows which flowers bloom best in which season so, checking when flowers are in season – that’s what I’m here for. With my business, I enjoy them coming in and having set colors and venue and an idea of their theme and style.

I feel like I attract clients who are looking for me to do the design and want to book with me because they trust the professional. I always tell them that if they have a specific photo or exact flowers that another florist might be a better fit. I don’t always guarantee a certain amount of stems or anything like that just because they fluctuate so much. For me, just as long as there’s some sort of theme and colors, I can design from that. If brides come in with a ton of inspiration, it is helpful but, the brides that come in knowing nothing, that’s fun for me too. It allows me to send them ideas that I would want to do and see if they like it, it’s an opportunity to try new things.


Any advice for brides on their wedding day?

Yes, don’t have your phone! I feel like I’ve had so many weddings where people are calling and texting and asking random questions. Everyone that you know and love is there – put your phone away. I also think it’s really important to have a day of coordinator, just to take some of the pressure off.

What inspires you?

Recently, I’ve traveled and went to Europe – that definitely inspired me big time. Just seeing all the different foliage and flowers and even just being in another country inspired me to come back and design. And of course, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram – I’m always looking at things that inspire me.


What sets you apart from other wedding florists?

I think I just have a great eye. I enjoy designing a lot and basing it off of the client’s personality. That’s how I get inspired and driven.

I’m not just a florist that is doing it to get paid, obviously I need to make a living off of it but, it’s very inspiring and therapeutic for me.  I really enjoy doing it and it helps push me through the day. Even though it’s my business and my job, I still get really inspired and love designing and creating every day. It’s hard to portray what you want as a couple sometimes, and I love creating that for them through my ability and tapping into what they’re thinking – and then, being able to deliver that to them on their big day is so great. I’m just doing what I love.

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