When my husband and I were registering a very dear friend gave us some excellent advice. "First, Kara," she said, "you have got to chill out." (She was right - I'd gotten myself all stressed out about the idea of people spending money on us and I was, ahem, not very much fun with the registry gun.) "And secondly," she continued, "you've got to think of this as a wish list. People don't have to buy you things off of it but if they decide to, they want to get you beautiful items that you really love and are excited about. So register for some gorgeous items you might not otherwise buy."

It seemed like pretty solid advice to me so I changed my attitude, started having fun, and registered for the most heavenly dishes you've ever seen (I swear my food tastes better when I eat off of them). And, she was right. People were excited to give us gifts that were beautiful; a year later we still talk to our guests about their gifts and every time I use them I think about the folks that gave them to us.

Which is all a very long-winded way of saying that these bowls handmade by Sara Paloma Pottery are absolutely gorgeous and the kind of item you (and your house guests) will admire for years to come. Sara makes all of her pottery by hand in her Oakland studio and I can attest that they are just as delicate and striking in person.

And guess what? Sara also offers wedding registries! Now how handy is that...

Five Nesting Bowls


Sets of nesting bowls, including her sets of three


Three Bone Votives



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