Soda-pop scented bubbles at the Dollar Tree.

Last Friday, my husband and I went on a date.

This is notable, mostly because it was our first official, out-to-eat date in, oh, maybe like three months. Or four. We've been busy enough that it all kind of runs together. Like the fact that we've been married for almost nine months. Wait, what?!

See? It all runs together.

Anyway, back to the date! Now, even though I've already said that it was our first date in months, I don't want you to misunderstand. We do spend a lot of intentional, planned-out time together (hiking, having home dinner-and-movie nights, taking small trips), but we rarely sit down and say, "Hey, let's go out to eat. And hold hands and talk about things and have fun."

It just isn't a huge part of our vocabulary, the date-night thing.

Which is a travesty, because Friday night was so much fun.

Seriously. It wasn't anything elaborate, just a leisurely sushi dinner and a spur-of-the-moment stroll through the dollar store next door to our restaurant (I haven't been in a dollar store in years. Did everyone else know that they have the best things and just decided to hold out on me? Really, guys, not cool...), but it was one of the best nights I've had in, well, maybe like three or four months. Okay, maybe not that long.

I blogged, several weeks ago now, about how important it is for me to get girl time with my friends and for Shayne to get guy time with his. And it is. But Friday night reminded me how important it is to make sure that he and I spend time together, too. And not just time together that happens because we're both home and there's a baseball game on and we're sitting next to each other on the couch. Time together that happens because he calls me on a Friday afternoon and says, "Hey, let's go out to eat. And hold hands and talk about things and have fun."

It's easy to get comfortable with the fact that I now live with my best friend and we get to hang out all the time. Sometimes I forget that it's good to get out of our patterns and habits of simply being around one another and do something purposeful together. Like eat sushi. And spend a half hour looking at Hot Wheels cars in the dollar store.

And hold hands. And have fun.