I think that, hands down, one of the best parts of marriage is getting to witness new and different sides of my husband. I mean, I've heard the saying about how when you get married, you essentially commit your life to a total stranger (no matter how well you think you know the person) ...but everyone always made that sound like a bad thing.

They totally forgot to mention that learning who your stranger-and-spouse is would also be so. Much. Fun. And not really scary at all (sorry, guys).

I mean, its definitely got its challenges - and I'm sure my husband would say the same exact thing - because ultimately you're learning how to communicate with and love someone who you maybe don't understand quite as well as you thought you did, but there are so many good things to learn too. And even more fun surprises along the way (for example, when you discover that your spouse is seriously just as much of a dork as you when you have a mini-dance party in your car to the sound of the music coming from the car next door).

And there are other surprises too, ones that aren't quite as earth-shaking, like coming home from a long day of work and finding your husband not only making dinner and planning a mini-road trip to the grocery store for your favorite flavor of dairy-free ice cream, but also insisting that you not touch a single dish or pot or pan.

I think those surprises - and the other ones, the learning ones - are what make marriage new and fun and exciting on a day to day basis. Sometimes I forget that it's all still new, that I don't know everything about him whether or not I'm convinced that I do, and those mini-dance parties and ice cream runs are what manage to shake me up - in a good way.

Because, honestly, I probably won't ever know my husband all the way. He will always make at least one decision differently than I predicted, or say something I wouldn't have guessed. And even though that idea may have frightened me at first, there's no way I would change the reality of it. In the middle of the knowledge that he's my husband and I'm his wife, having the tiny unpredictabilities of not knowing some of the details just makes life that much sweeter.