Blue and pink wedding place setting with modern wood details
Photo: Michael Radford

A few weeks ago (okay, maybe longer. Time is somehow managing to move blindingly quickly these days), Shayne and I received a single CD carrying over 600 photos from our wedding.

The day they showed up in our mailbox, I jumped up and down, uploaded all of them onto my computer, looked at every single image, and then basically forgot about them.

Not completely, but basically. I showed them to my parents. I showed them to my parents-in-law (when they came to visit). I made an albumĀ in iPhoto of my favorites. And then I did absolutely nothing with them.

Shayne and I kept (keep) talking about printing them off, blowing a few up, framing them, hanging them on our walls. I keep talking about printing all of my favorites off and (probably) putting them in a box somewhere just as a tangible record.

This is all very pathetic on my part. We love photos! We love our wedding photos! LOVE THEM. But it's such a strange decision to make how you're going to display your wedding photos, that is. Neither of us wants to hang anything life-size on our walls (I really don't need anyone's pores to be visible, particularly my own) and we're not sure what the line is on quantity. We think that hanging more than a couple of wedding photos might be strange. But we're really not sure (if you have a more definite thought-process on this matter, please feel free to fill us in).

Then there's also the question of who exactly gets copies of the photos. Do I make CDs for everyone involved in the wedding with some of our favorites? Do I just hand out hard copies to close relatives and bridesmaids? Does my second cousin really want all of those mushy photos of us, anyway?

I'm hoping that someone will come charging in and rescue me from these particular decisions in short order. In the meantime, I've discovered the ultimate procrastination tool: I made photobooks. The perfect meet-in-the-middle between displaying photos on the wall and printing them off and shoving them in a box. One for Shayne and me, one for my parents, one for Shayne's parents primary bases covered, and a little bit of extra time to figure out how big is too big when it comes to my own face and my own living room.

P.S. There are way too many websites out there for creating photobooks. I thought the decisions were going to go away after the wedding.