What you see in the photo above is currently the only organized portion of our kitchen. You see, Shayne and I have recently discovered something about ourselves: neither of us enjoys cleaning.

Not that this is particularly surprising. In fact, when I think about it, it occurs to me that I've never met anyone who truly enjoys cleaning. I know people (myself included) who enjoy the results of cleaning - a shiny kitchen, dustless floors and shelves, everything carefully returned to its right place- but the process? A little lower on most people's lists.

However, I've also discovered that I'm not a huge fan of having people over when the house isn't clean (possibly a family trait. Love you, Mom.) and that I'll spend hours deep-cleaning everything in sight once the disorganization reaches a certain point.

This might be why I dislike cleaning in the first place. Who would, when it means scrubbing and re-organizing the whole house all at once?

And so, with the misery of a deep-cleaning session planted firmly in my short-term memory, Shayne and I sat down at the dinner table and created our cleaning intervention plan, and we call it the Chore Wheel.

Because we both work full-time, we have a definite"team" approach to our newly created chore wheel. Tasks like doing the dishes, laundry, taking out the trash and generally picking up after ourselves fall to both of us equally, with the acknowledgement that sometimes I'll be doing more dishes while Shayne does more laundry and vice versa- it's all a give and take.

The big stuff though, like once a week middle-to-deep cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms and dusting and vacuuming, we divided up into categories and distributed them as evenly as possible. We also kept our personal preferences in mind here (we both hate doing laundry, so working on it together is the best way to approach it anyway. But Shayne happens to almost like vacuuming and I really don't mind cleaning kitchen counters, which makes our approach that much simpler.).

I barely resisted the urge to create a visual chore wheel to stick on our fridge as a reminder before it occurred to me that we're both adults and should be able to tackle our respective corners of the house without the bribes I remember popping up as a kid. But I will admit that I think should is probably the key word here and that there's a very good chance I'll be scrubbing away in a last-minute clean-the-house frenzy next weekend before our dinner guests arrive.

I'll let you know how it goes.