Couple having breakfast in home
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Making home feel like home can be a long, involved, process. It can take weeks, months (maybe longer - I haven't gotten that far yet). The name came quickly for me: calling the place my husband and I live "home" happened easily, a habit by the end of the first month. But making the inside of that place fit the name we were giving it has certainly taken considerably longer!

We've been collecting things slowly, accumulating a lamp here, a stack of teacups there, a bookshelf or entertainment center.

And we've discovered along the way that one of the things we enjoy most about making home "home" is when we can fill it with things that we've built with our own two hands: a coat rack, another lamp and, this weekend with some elbow grease and a couple of basketball games on TV in the background, a headboard for our previously bareheaded bed.

We did learn some things along the way.

First of all, building things is time consuming.

Second of all, building things requires excellent communication skills.

Thanks goodness Shayne likes to explain things to me slowly (especially when they involve semi-foreign materials such as wood stain, drills and screwdrivers). Because that is a language I do not speak.

Making things together is, if nothing else, another adventure to add to our married list. It was teamwork and problem solving and defining what we like and what we need, all in the tangible form of planks of wood and drills and screws. And it was tiring work and play and the best part was finally placing our headboard behind our bed and stepping back to admire our handiwork - and appreciate the effort that each of us took to make it happen.

Making home "home" might take a long time. It might take a lot of work and building things and making things and hanging them, folding them, placing them. But the getting to step back and see it all come together and know that it is ours - that's worth all the rest.