Earlier this summer, my husband and I went on a trip with my parents and I returned with the conclusion that if you really want to get to know travel with them. And their family.

In other words, he probably learned a whole lot of things about me that he may or may not have already known. Fortunately, he still seems to like me. A lot. We came home joking that now we'd have to do some traveling with his parents to even out the playing field.

Well, one and half months and a haphazardly planned, very last-minute vacation later, we're about to!

It all started with a "hmm...what if...?" suggestion from yours truly and within 24 hours I had my husband and his parents not only on board but busily planning away. Gold star for me (okay, and the other three participants, who've really done the heavy lifting on the trip details) - and the bit of luck that led to all of us having time off and free days in our schedules! We were actually already planning on figuring out some time to go visit the in-laws in Michigan in the near future, but meeting up and going somewhere new together sounds like so much more fun.

We're both looking forward to some quality time with his parents, who we really only end up seeing two or three times a year, and getting to squeeze a quick vacation into what's left of our summer. Plus, we'll hopefully be seeing some places that we've all been looking forward to visiting for quite some time!

Not to mention the fact that it' my turn to sit back and watch the family dynamics - and learn all sorts of new things about the man I love. Although I really have to admit that when it comes to traveling (and, perhaps, life in general!) his family is a whole lot more...well, shall we say, orderly than mine. Which translates to: I already know he's perfect and this is going to be so much fun!

Here's to safe travels and lots of adventures with people we love. Oh, and being able to fit everything I need in my suitcase. Wish me luck!