Colorful brunch wedding bride with yellow, pink and green wedding bouquet
Photo: Charla Storey

This past weekend, we received another wedding gift.

Which is awesome. And surprising. And still awesome. Awesome because these gifts make Shayne and I feel incredibly loved and supported by our friends and family. Surprising because we've been married for almost three months now.

Still, the real reason I'm telling you about this gift is that it has one very, very important item associated with it: a thank you note.

Ah, the thank you note. Such an incredibly small and still so crucial item, the thing that lets the people who are busy loving on you know that you are loving on them back, that you acknowledge their love and that you appreciate it.

But how, I ask you, are they so time-consuming? We're all busy here. You're planning your wedding (venues, dresses, food!) and I'm perpetually running around like a headless chicken (somehow) and I timed myself once and it took me a half an hour to write four thank you notes.

I promise I have a normal IQ.

(It also, while we're discussing the relationship between time and thank you note writing, took me about two months to convince Shayne that no, he could not keep watching baseball on TV unless he could simultaneously write his thank you notes. We determined, three innings and one note later, that he in fact could not multi-task on this one.)

I'm not here to complain about the length of time it takes to write a thank you note. I'm here, strangely enough, to champion the thank you note and especially the one that takes a minute longer to write (unless you're watching baseball while you write it. Then all bets are off.).

This summer, Shayne and I attended several weddings some of very close friends, some on the acquaintance level. And, at each wedding, we gave the bride and groom a gift. And, as a result, we received a thank you note.

And, boy, oh boy, were they strung all across the spectrum. We remember, with a smile, the note that almost, if you really looked closely, could have been a fill-in-the-blank produced by a robot (or a bride in a thank you note induced coma), and we also remember the note we received from a distant cousin that made us feel like they really liked our gift.

Which, of course, made us feel special. Everybody likes to feel special.

I know our own thank you notes probably spanned the same exact spectrum. Sometimes it's hard to explain why exactly this particular place setting is so great, or to keep up the excitement when you've written 17 thank you notes and your hand feels like it's never going to recover. But it's worth it, remembering the thank you notes that we've received over the years, to try. And on that note, I'm going to go get my hand warmed up and whip this one out. Smiley faces, exclamation points and "LOVE" stamp included.

Maybe I'll drink some coffee first.

P.S. This photo? Possibly the aftermath of our wedding-present-unwrapping. And the aftermath of that? Lots of quality time spent writing thank you notes on the couch. Turns out that Friends is the best way to multi-task. Just so you know.