cutting christmas tree
Photo: couple kiss at U-cut tree farm

What do you get when you combine a fleece Santa blanket, puffy paint and a red Santa sack?

...confused? Well, in the Momber household, those three things add up to the equivalent of an ugly holiday sweater substitute...complete with Santa hats, white elephant gifts, and peanut butter cup bars!

Still confused? Allow me to elaborate. This past Saturday marked our attendance at our VERY FIRST holiday party as Mr. and Mrs. And, being a holiday party, ugly holiday sweaters were the requested attire (and white elephant were the requested gifts offerings, and we really couldn't bring anything but peanut butter cup bars because then everyone would have missed out on their creamy goodness).

Unfortunately, somehow, neither Shayne nor myself owns a single holiday sweater - ugly or not. And, even more unfortunately, the nearest Goodwill is a half an hour away - in the OPPOSITE direction of our friends' party. This, you see, left us with quite a conundrum on our hands. Did we drive a half an hour to Goodwill, a half an hour home and then pile back in the car for another half-hour trek to our friends? Or...did we take our chances and limit ourselves to the Wal-Mart down the street?

I think you know where this story is headed. Yes, we went to Wal-Mart. And, tragically, there was NOT A SINGLE SWEATER TO BE FOUND.

BUT. We did happen upon a Santa covered fleece blanket. And then a red velvet Santa sack (that actually came labeled with the words "Santa sack"). And then a couple of Santa hats. And some puffy paint. All for under $10.

Which we turned into a Santa-covered robe for Shayne...and a Santa sack with arm-holes for me. Yes, I wore a red bag to that holiday party. And Shayne's robe had "Merry Christmas" plastered to its front. And we maybe had to explain our non-sweater Christmas attire once or twice.

But you know what? Putting it all together (and wandering through Wal-Mart bagging every Christmas item in sight) was the most fun I've had since...well, probably since we put up our tree last week.

Oh, the small things: Christmas, a little creativity, and time spent with the one you love. Such a great way to really kick off the holiday season.